Volume Eyelash Extensions

Using only the best lashes on the market, all the way from Russia, quality eyelashes are used for optimal results. The Russian volume technique is what sets us apart from the rest, providing you with soft, fluffy and full lashes. How? It involves an advanced application technique that boosts coverage and provides a soft voluminous appearance. This application requires great expertise and master skill in order to highlight your attributes. Using the lightest weight extension in the industry we meticulously apply between 2-6 extensions per every lash. Whether you’re going for au natural or lusciously opulent, we have the lashes to make your gaze dripping with charm.


For a full, voluminous look that the Russian volume lash extensions are the top choice for you. Taking the beauty industry by storm, they are different to the classic lash extensions in that they appear much softer, fluffier and more multi-dimensional.

Delivering an incredibly soft image, the Russian volume lash extensions are the lightest weight lashes in the industry.
Using 2-6 lashes, varying in length to create a fan. They are then applied to each natural lash leaving you with as many as 700 or more extensions added per eye.
The end result can vary from natural to ultra-dramatic depending on the thickness of the lashes.
They are so light weight that you often forget that you have any eyelash extensions at all!
Due to their dense nature, you can afford a little more time in between refills than you would with the natural lash extensions.
Maintaining your lashes is a breeze. Russian volume lashes do not need to be brushed with a lash wand as often as the classic lash extensions.
A wonderful solution to those who have naturally sparse eyelashes, Russian volume lash extensions create a luscious set of lashes in the blink of an eye.