Classic Eyelash Extensions

For the subtle and classy look we recommend classic lash extensions. Basically you will look as though you have discovered the best mascara available on the market right now. Leave them guessing, fluttering those glam lashes wherever you go.

Classic style lashes are achieved by applying one lash extension per each natural lash. Basically you get double the number of lashes you have naturally.
A natural curl or a dramatic curl, the choice is entirely up to you.
The application itself involves the careful application of each lash approximately 0.5 of a millimeter (0.02 inches) from your eyelid.
Soft and incredibly natural in appearance, classic lash extensions intensify your complexion without seeming overly prominent.
Classic lash extensions come in various lengths, sizes and thickness that are cater to the look you wish to achieve.
If you have a small amount of lashes, it may be better to opt for the volume lashes instead.
The choices are endless when it comes to your desired look:
A sexy cat eye, with longer lashes accenting the corners is most popular at the moment.
Sweet and tender eyes can be achieved by accenting your bottom eyelids creating an innocent gaze.
Smaller eyed beauties have longer lashes applied in the center of the eyelid making it your eyes appear larger in size.
For a completely natural effect, lashes are applied mimicking your own lashes and creating an enhanced look to your own.

Classic Eyelash Extensions